Our Dysfunctional American Family

I admit it, I am a Chief’s Fan! I like hearing the roar of the Arrowhead crowd as I stare at my TV. It wasn’t at full capacity but the Coronavirus fear limited people in the stands to about 16,000. Still, it was the season opener for the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Before the game there were protests of sort. Welcome to Our Dysfunctional American Family on football night.

This year, there is was emphasis on Civil Rights. Our National Anthem was witnessed by the Chiefs, with the Texans opting to stay in the locker room. Afterwards, the Texans came out to the field with both teams locking arms across the field. It was quite evident that they were calling attention to the BLM movement.

Afterwards, NBC Sports Announcer Chris Collinsworth made a rather strange speech:

“I feel like I have to start off by saying I stand behind these players 100%, 100%. What they’re trying to do is bring positive change in this country that frankly is long, long overdue. Let’s just get that out of the way and go call a football game,” – foxnews.com/sports

So, Chris Collinsworth backed the players but then added “Let’s just get that out…” Are we to believe that he was sending a mixed message or was he simply trying to guide us back to the upcoming football game? Sounds like protest overload and desensitization.

I can’t speak for anyone else. I believe that football players. coaches, and even announcers, have the right to comment on what’s good and what’s bad about our country. However, I do not believe that it serves a useful purpose to do so on the field. “Render onto Caesar…” There is a time and place for everything. Two teams standing together is fine but we are tuned in for a game not a rally or demonstration. It would be like advertising a business during a church service. You have a “captive” audience.” How that changes opinions or hearts is debatable. Since, it appears some in the audience booed, then the desensitization might be spreading.

If the horrific act of police abuse represents all police officers or everyday citizens at large, we have a real problem. When the number of demonstrations increase, with some becoming riots, it tends to diminish the original purpose. Do we start blocking it out of our mind? It is like watching the same commercial on TV. We may like the commercial for a while then begin to shut it out of our minds. Information overload with only concerns and NO solutions.

If, I may be blunt, there are no slaves nor slave masters alive today in our country. Both are long dead. We are living in the past, concerned with what was done by people who are no longer here. Slavery is no longer part of our society. What we face now is the perception that all White people hate Blacks and do everything they can do to treat them as sub-human. If that was true then I doubt we would have any prominent athletes, military members, civil leaders, religious leaders, corporate tycoons, or celebrities who are Black. How could Barak Obama be elected and reelected when the African-Americans only make up about 11% of the general population?

Sometimes, we treat civil rights as only applicable to African-Americans. My grandfather was attacked by a group of “Black” men years ago when he took out the garbage. Since, he was not the type to say anything negative about anyone, was he targeted because he was White? Years back, I applied for a police position and was already certified and expereinced. I was told by two police departments that they could not hire me because I was White. Overseas, I was treated differently because I was White. My friends, discrimination comes in many shades and colors.

My point is that the problems we have in this country in how we interact with people of different religions, cultures, and races. Calling attention to this doesn’t seem to change anything. Reparations, Affirmative Action, the Congressional Black Caucus, “Black” colleges, the NAACP, and any group that is based on a certain race doesn’t help the healing. It just calls attention to our differences and provides no solutions. All the demonstrations and TV ads won’t heal our nation. We have a gaping wound that has been bleeding since the first slave was brought to the Colonies. We are living in the past even though slavery was abolished in the 1860’s. It is time for us to close all groups that call attention to only one race. We will never be united when we consider each other to be different. We are all Americans who deserve fair and equal treatment and that should suffice. Let’s speak out providing solutions, not spreading discord. Until we find realistic answers, our dysfunctional American family will continue.

Just my two cents!

Photo from: NY Times

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Legalize Medical Marijuana nationwide 5) Term limits on politicians 6) Age limits on Presidential Candidates

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