No Perfect Candidate

Wouldn’t it be simpler, if politicians were honest and true,

like the innocent faces of lady Pinkie or the Boy of Blue?

How about the debonair actor in Father Knows Best,

Ward Cleaver, Howard Cunningham, you know the rest.

We don’t expect Sir Winston, a great leader of time,

but would settle for forthright, above crime.

Where are the heroes, the greats of ancient days,

people we admire, with deeds we could praise?

Instead, we face reality, mere humans on stage,

with visible flaws, filled with vanity and rage.

Perhaps, we expect too much from leader’s today,

we only find fault, despite the positive they say.

In times of riots, protests, a virus on the move,

no candidate has magic or superpowers to prove.

Alas we are left, with mere mortals to choose,

if we stay with the “bully,” is there nothing to lose?

Pic: Painting of The Blue Boy, by Thomas Gainsborough

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Legalize Medical Marijuana nationwide 5) Term limits on politicians 6) Age limits on Presidential Candidates

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