Hidden Secrets

Researching family history, a dangerous thing,

uncovered discoveries, like a bee sting.

Skeletons dance around, inside our mind,

cobwebs of controversy, solidly entwined.


In tobacco fields, worked by Black slaves,

overseen by ancestors, in guarded enclaves.

I wasn’t there, to ask for an account,

for enslaving humans, charges mount.


For the milieu in the South, was their own,

a practice I condemn, and clearly disown.

Their blood may run inside, my DNA,

but attitude is environmental, I dare say.


What is the answer to learning this thing,

is it worth all the pain and suffering?

Ancestors are kin, from long in the past,

learn from misdeeds, for healing to last.


Pic: Pinterest

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Our country is not racist, neither are most people. Unfortunately, there is hate and distrust among individuals of all colors. New laws, violent protests, and arguing will not solve anything. We must change the heart. 5) Legalize marijuana. There are those who have no other alternative to relieve pain, especially among our disabled, ill, and disabled Veterans. 6) Jesus Christ will return sooner than we expect. (Just my belief)

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