Poem: Secrets Behind the Presidency


They planned carefully, but had to wait,

their ideas too radical, they’d lose the debate.

The old man was weak, glory days in the past,

his energy dwindled, health wouldn’t last.


The younger upstart, stood in the wings,

followers were doing the strangest things.

Others were blamed, for troubled caused,

they stepped it up, without much pause.


Business’s targeted, chaos in the streets,

many followed along, admiring their feats.

Hate spread like a virus, throughout the land,

those who opposed, afraid to take a stand.


Media spread the news, with bias light,

line faded, between wrong and right.

few suspected, a coverup was in place,

everything appeared fine, face-to-face.


The old President grew ill, soon died,

his heir apparent sad, I think they lied.

Soon the new leader, changed history,

with secret plan, no longer a mystery.


Be wary of the media, looks may deceive,

great speeches of unity, too good to believe.

Behind smoked mirrors, lies the reason,

for Satan waits, for the perfect season.


BERLIN, Aug. 2, 1934 (UP) — Adolf Hitler, former Austrian house-painter, became sole dictator of the German people today on the death of President Paul Von Hindenburg.Herr Hitler’s Cabinet made him President-Chancellor, absorbing all the powers of both offices. He has control of the powerful Reichswehr army, whose members have taken an oath of unswerving loyalty to him.

Source: Hindenburg dead, Chancellorship made supreme, by Frederick Oechsner, August 2, 1934, UPI Archives — https://www.upi.com/Archives/1934/08/02/Hindenburg-dead-Chancellorship-made-supreme/3408461132716/


Pics: worldtribune.com and Jim Buchan’s Blogsite

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Our country is not racist, neither are most people. Unfortunately, there is hate and distrust among individuals of all colors. New laws, violent protests, and arguing will not solve anything. We must change the heart. 5) Legalize marijuana. There are those who have no other alternative to relieve pain, especially among our disabled, ill, and disabled Veterans. 6) Jesus Christ will return sooner than we expect. (Just my belief)

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