The Obama Empire Strikes Back


Yes, it sounds like one of the Star Wars movie title but in my opinion, is a similar event. The “empire” of the Obama Administration is making its limited return to clear the way for Joe Biden to gain the imperial Democratic throne from Barak Obama. By going on the campaign trail over the next few weeks to help his crown prince, the former leader is trying to use his political “magic,” to remind voters of better times.

Sorry, but the Obama years make me cringe. With memories of economic chaos, a failed health care system that was too expensive for the working poor to afford, giving money to Iran so they would sign a deal, a growing racial divide, and ignoring China as they build airstrips and other military fortifications in the contested Spratly Islands (Philippines). Yes, I was in Asia during these times and the absence of US intervention or concern over the illegal escapades of China by the democratic “monarch” and his crown prince (Joe Biden) is almost unforgettable.

How can Barak Obama, a man who did little to help minorities, our economy, the sick, working Americans, or the environment (China, under the Paris Accord, had little regulations). Try living in South Korea or Macau, with terrible yellow sand or heavy air pollution. Thanks to mainland Communist China, people had to wear masks to go outside or risked suffering respiratory illness. One Macau physician told me that most people had breathing difficulties, due to pollution from China. That’s right Barak Obama, your cherished Paris Accords did not hold China as accountable as other nations, ones who polluted far less than the Communist nation.

So, when the former “Emperor” goes about spreading his message of the better times under his and Joe Biden’s years in the White House, remember that those times were not so good domestically or overseas. Oh yes President Barak, thanks for ignoring Isis!

Just my two cents.



Pics: New York magazine, Poli Media

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Legalize Medical Marijuana nationwide 5) Term limits on politicians 6) Age limits on Presidential Candidates

4 thoughts

    1. Thanks for sharing your comments. Yes, Pres. Obama may have inherited economic problems but it was Pres Trump who brought us out of the recession and grew the economy. You can’t blame him for the Coronavirus causing a downward economic turn. Joe Biden want to shut everything down and that would devastate the economy as well. There is no answer for addressing the Coronavirus. It is a plague.


      1. Trump did not bring us out of a recession. He continued the same trends Obama did. You know that. And yes, I can blame Trump for a failed response to Corona, as do most scientists who study the subject. His failure has cost Americans economically just as it has cost American lives. The excuses you make for this man are pathetic. You should know better.


      2. Daniel:

        “I should know better?” Are you the only one who defines what is “better” or not?

        Barak Obama ruined this country. He was a complete failure in many areas including health care, foreign relations, and equal rights. He couldn’t even manage Hillary Clinton and her private email use. It appears now that he also failed to properly supervise his VP and his possible illegal dealings with Ukraine and China. Heck of a leader?

        Obama failed to take action against China’s incursion into the South China Sea. He gave Iran money so they would be compelled to agree to a “Treaty.” Iran has a history with the US that shows they can’t be trusted. Just look at the American Hostages taken when they overran our embassy. Iran reportedly funds terrorist organizations. Isn’t dealing with Iran like “dealing with the enemy?”

        Biden now hides in his house while the laptop is examined by the FBI. Where was Barak Obama in all of this?

        As for the virus, no one could have done anything to stop it here in the US anymore than stop the Swine Flu, Polio outbreaks, or Spanish flu. Look at our economy now. We are making another comeback. I believe Sleepy Joe would do far worse.

        In summary, Barak Obama was the worse president we ever had! He made our country weaker in the world and at home. Instead of bringing people together, he caused a deeper divide.

        This is my opinion. You can agree or disagree. But, unlike you, I won’t call you “pathetic.” We just have to agree to disagree. I think that is still permitted in our country.


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