Uncertainty Ahead


Like some, I’m uncertain of times ahead,

should I be excited or time to dread?

Coronavirus spikes, debates transpire,

negativity and hopelessness, hellfire.

What happened to a better tomorrow?

Some candidates campaign on sorrow.

Regardless of result of coming election,

divide will continue, without direction.

While we must all cast our ballot, vote,

undesired results, time to board a boat.

Uncle Sam cries for a once great nation,

losing supporters head, for train station.



Pics: Business Insider, Fox Business

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Our country is not racist, neither are most people. Unfortunately, there is hate and distrust among individuals of all colors. New laws, violent protests, and arguing will not solve anything. We must change the heart. 5) Legalize marijuana. There are those who have no other alternative to relieve pain, especially among our disabled, ill, and disabled Veterans. 6) Jesus Christ will return sooner than we expect. (Just my belief)

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