Are Far Eastern Women more beautiful?



The beauty of women from the “Far East.” Mail order bride websites are full of potential “mates” from several Asians countries. They come in many shapes, colors, and sizes. There are a plethora of websites plastered with pictures of beautiful ladies. One could easily fall in love with just a solitary glimpse of a “perfect” picture. Wake up comrade! There is beauty all around you, in every city, state, and country on our planet. But, is a woman more beautiful because she is from a specific region, country, ethiniticity, or race? I am no expert in Asian women or any woman at all. I am only sharing my experiences and opinion on women from a couple of these countries.

When i was young, I heard stories, watched documentaries, and saw pictures of beautiful women from Asia. My days in the Navy lent themselves to various eyewitness accounts and from my fellow sailors. Some men married ladies from SE Asian countries like the Philippines. I attended a university with a large international student body. Several of my classmates were of “Asian” descent. For over 10 years, I lived and worked in Far Eastern Asia and even married a lady from the Philippines.

Yes, in my travels, I got to know several women from South Korea, China, and the Philippines as co-workers and friends. Yes, there are often cultural differences between our Asian sisters and those in America. I found that Filipinas are usually extremely family-oriented, good-natured, patient, and beautiful. Korean women enjoy wearing the latest fashions including short skirts, (even in snow and ice). Unfortunately, the young Korean culture seems to promote facial and other “plastic” surgeries to make their eyes more “rounded,” their noses reshaped, or other parts of their body “enhanced.” I’ve had several acquaintances go through surgery and I must admit I will never understand it. If you are a fan of K-pop you will see examples of an appearance they strive for. I could go on.

It has been said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Every man has a different appreciation of beauty just like they do of art. The Mona Lisa may be beautiful to some but I find it no more than a portrait of an average looking woman. When I watch beauty pageants I often do not agree with all of the judges finalists in the competition. Why they rarely include women in the top ten or twelve from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, I just don’t understand. Yes, there are standards for beauty in Hollywood, but when it comes to true beauty; attraction to the person as a whole is the true measure.

Asian women have certain qualities I admire. Yes, some have that mystical attraction that the cinema and servicemen have bragged about for years. Yes, those I have been acquaintances with demonstrated extreme patience (us western males are hard to get along with). I have also seen their dedication to ensuring they always look their best. But in the area of physical beauty, they are as beautiful as their sisters in any part of the world.

There is no magic to an Asian woman in general. But, to me, I discovered a “magical” attraction that led to a serious relationship as in marriage. This “magic” for you, could come from a woman from any country or region. It is a magic that is an element of love, not a person’s appearance. Maybe Asian women are the most beautiful to you. Perhaps, you find women from Africa, Europe, Australia, South America, or North Africa the most beautiful. Are Russian women your favorite? Regardless, don’t get wrapped up in appearances or you will miss the best qualities of any woman, the beauty in her heart.



Pics: Pinterest, Mail order Bride Prices

Note: I do not endorse any websites connected with Mail order brides.

Author: Dave

Some might call me a Conservative others a Moderate. My core beliefs: 1) Christian 2) Republican 3) Pro First and Second Amendments 4) Our country is not racist, neither are most people. Unfortunately, there is hate and distrust among individuals of all colors. New laws, violent protests, and arguing will not solve anything. We must change the heart. 5) Legalize marijuana. There are those who have no other alternative to relieve pain, especially among our disabled, ill, and disabled Veterans. 6) Jesus Christ will return sooner than we expect. (Just my belief)

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